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You love to code and watch tutorials?
Then let's do it together!

We Love Coding is based on the idea that many people can achieve a lot and reach a broader audience together. When searching the internet, we realised there are many bloggers who write little 'How-to-guides' but don't have enough visitors to look at them. We want to bring them together. We want to build up a website to enable bloggers and screencasters to write easy to the point articles to present them to a joint audience.

You got a cool bit of code or an interesting programming approach? Share it with us and become an author at We Love Coding! Doing it together brings twice as much fun and twice as much visitors.

Who solely likes to code and would be rather into joining a community project without stress or deadlines can log in at ours as well. We're looking for lot's of Java and JavaScript developers to improve our platform and apps. Our code is available on GitHub (wlc-webapp) and we do Skype calls in the evening to discuss our architecture and exchange best practices.

So what are you waiting for?

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